On Becoming a Unicorn

As I am sure you know, every journey that you embark on must begin with a single step. That being said, one could argue that it is of the utmost importance to know which direction you would like to go…

What is a unicorn?
You could say that a unicorn is a mythical horse with a horn on its head.
You could also say that a unicorn is an extinct sub-member of the deer family originating in the Scottish highland.

I’m going to take it, not further, but higher.
I’m going to say that the unicorn is a symbol.
It is a symbol for something that is rare and seemingly out of reach; your ideal version of you.
The version of you that is eternally calm, adapts well to change, and remains an image of beauty, originality, and prosperity all the while.

Impossible to attain?
That depends on your attitude.

But there’s really no reason to not try to improve one thing a little every day. Because the time will pass, regardless.

Until next time,

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