6 Reasons to Love Rainbows

Rainbows are pretty much Happiness Factories.

But what is it about those seven crazy colors in combination that make our brains go totes off the wall?
Since ancient times, designers of royal castles knew the benefits of colors and painted rooms according to their use.
Psychologists of today acknowledge that colors invoke certain emotions in people, and advertisers have been using this to their advantage for decades.
Take a look next time you see a fast food sign; odds are the colors on the sign will be red and yellow.
Stores that sell everyday items or home décor are likely to use blue signs.
Not accidental!
Every color has a corresponding emotion, and this can be used to your advantage in how you dress, how you decorate your home, and how you (possibly) advertise!
Take a look at the beautiful chart below and see which colors do what!

Colors of the rainbow blog thing
So, dear Unicorns, go forth and gild yo’selves.




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