Über Colorful Rainbow Home Decor 

1. It’s a thing.
2. Sign me up.

But what exactly would go on here? Would this look like a bad dream you’d have after watching The Wizard of Oz (it scared you as a kid, don’t lie) or is there an element of…dare I say… style..?

Paisley Pattern 1

So tbh, this is all subjective, but you can totes pull it off if you want to.

All you gotta do is make sure the walls are neutral (ivory, beige, something else boring) so that when your colors pop, they don’t overwhelm the eye.

Unless you’re doing a theme of one color, such as several shades of blues, which is gorg.

If you wanna know what all these colors do to your mood, check out the previous post Oh, For the Love of Rainbows.
One day, I dream of going all out. Having a home that looks like a cross between a Pride parade and a Unicorn palace. What would passerbys think?

“A whimsical super villain must live here.”

“Is this an abandoned bubble gum factory?”

I love it. All of it.

Until next time,


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