Rose Colored Glasses Can Change Your Life

Did anyone ever tell you that you saw the world through “rose colored glasses’?
This generally meant that you liked to see the bright side of things in life, were optimistic, and gave people the benefit of the doubt.

So yeah, you’re basically the opposite of most people if someone has told you that.
Cause that ish. is. hard.

Just saying.

Even on a good day, it’s an understatement to say that my mood could be better.

Oh, there are some things that help; coffee, online shopping, McNuggets…

But there are few things that can keep my mood perked all day without having to turn in my Sobriety Card.

Enter Rose Colored Glasses, literally.


We know that colors can alter our moods (check out the Psychology Today explaining the science here), but only recently have we really started to run with the idea of wearing colored lenses to help alter our moods.

Not only does it work, but it looks fab. You can totes change your mood with your outfit.

Check out the chart below to discover which colors do what!

Colors of the rainbow blog thing
Click here to shop mood sunnies.

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