Rainbow Tye-Dye Cake (& how to do it!)

Cake making used to irk me.
If I was expected to bring a cake somewhere, I would get that feeling in the pit of my stomach that you get when you sit down to pay bills.
There’s always the option of swinging by the local supermarket and picking one up for $10 bucks. And I went this route. Many times.
But I felt like I looked lazy or like I really didn’t care about the event/person the cake was meant for.
I then decided that it was easier to buy an undecorated cake and do some sort of fancy decoration on it at home.
Easier? Totally.
Cheaper? Nnnnope.

For literally 1/10th of the cost, I could make the
at home.
It just took effort.
But if I didn’t wanna look lazy, I couldn’t be lazy.

But I learned how to make this rainbow tie-dye cake, so yey!

The best part about it is, it’s easy.

Since the inside of the cake is so effortlessly colorful, you can skip elaborate frosting and opt for a simple white buttercream frosting that only uses 4 ingredients to make.
Find that recipe (from BettyCrocker.com) here. Then, take a can of whipped cream and do small dollop-sprays of whipped cream around the edge and maybe add in a few on the top.
Easy, personal, fabulous.

Rainbow Tie-Dye Cake correct

Red_ 3 drops redOrange_ 2 drops yellow, 1 drop redYellow_ 4 drops yellowGreen_ 3 drops yellow, 1 d

Dropping the icing directly in the middle and letting it settle for a few seconds allows it to create an unblended tie-dye effect. This works with this recipe because the batter is very thick. It won’t work with thin batter!

Try it out and see what you think!


Astoria, The Gilded Unicorn


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