Rainbow Salad Jar for on-the-go Unicorns

If there's one thing I wish there were more of, it would definitely be attractive, emotionally mature men healthy drive-thrus.

I don't want a salad with a giant McNugget on top of it, Micky D's.

I also don't want a smoothie with 64g of sugar in it. (Lookin at you, Jamba Juice.)

I want something simple, fresh, portable, and colorful AF.

Welp, you know what they say;
If you want something done right, you've gotta do it yourself.

…And what CAN'T you do with mason jars, seriously.

Nutrition experts agree that eating a wide variety of colors in your fruits and vegetables gives you an array of vitamins and minerals you wouldn't otherwise get eating a diet of… beige.

Check out this simple (savable!) recipe below that uses fresh, simple salad ingredients to give you a vitamin-packed snack or lunch salad.

Add a handful of cooked chicken or a can of tuna to add more protein for mid-day.

Eat colorfully, y'all!

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The Gilded Unicorn

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