Unicorn Outfit of the Week #1

K, so you’re thinking:
“Another?! lol jk I’ve never seen one. Has this been a thing..?”

It hasn’t.
So we’re starting a new tradition.
Like, right now.

We’re going to start doing a Unicorn Outfit of the Week.

Because I’ve seen so many fantabulous Polyvore-like outfit mockups online, and hardly any of them combine more than two master shades into an outfit.

We have pink and beige, black and… beige, blue and purple, orange and yellow, beige and…….beige?!
Howbout let’s add in like, five other colors just for funzies.
Let’s shake it up a little.
Let’s take a look at some outfits that register ‘High’ on the eccentricity scale, all while staying appropriate for the office, school, and most places in between.

Versatility is the name of the game here.
Removing or swapping out a couple of pieces should never make or break the whole outfit.
But when all pieces are worn together, you’re a rainbow goddess.
It’s fantastic.


That’s what I’m talkinbout.
You can check out each piece below:


1. Rainbow Dress

2. Ombré Cardigan

3. Blue Velvet Wedge Pumps

4. Holographic Choker Necklace

5. Rosé Colored Glasses

6. Holographic Nail Lacquer

Let us know if you see eccentric rainbow pieces anywhere on the net that you’d like to share! We’d love to feature them!

Until Thursday’s Rainbow Recipe,


M. A. de’Breasal, The Gilded Unicorn

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